Elementary/Middle School (Ages 8-14)


JazzSLAM Jazz Supports Language Arts & Math   written and presented by MARI MENNEL-BELL   Welcome to JazzSLAM!   JazzSLAM SESSION OVERVIEW INSTRUCTIONS: Pre-presentation Quiz Present JazzSLAM Post-Presentation Quiz Post-JazzSLAM Activities     PRE-PRESENTATION QUIZ:  Offer your students the brief Pre-Presentation. Access to your presentation is provided in the link below. 1-SESSION OPTION: The program […]

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7 Improvisation Experiences for Young Children

7 Improvisation Experiences for Young Children By Dr. Darla S. Hanley Dean of the Professional Education Division, Berklee College School of Music; JEN Past Board Member One of the new components of JEN is our focus on jazz for K-8 musicians. Our intent is to offer information throughout the year and at our conference designed […]

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