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Callout for Article Submissions

Jazz Education in Research and Practice, Volume 4
The journal (Jazz, IU Press) explores diverse topics of jazz scholarship and its application to pedagogy, providing a forum for interaction and exchange between researchers and practitioners grounded in scholarship. The editors welcome articles that provide models, resources and effective techniques for the teaching and the learning of the art form.


Submission Deadline: May 1, 2022 (CLOSED)

Callout for Research Presentations

2023 JEN Conference in Orlando, Florida

The research track solicits the submission of original, principled research presentations dealing with topics related to jazz history, pedagogy, industry, and performance practice.  Presentations will run parallel to clinics and performances during the conference. We encourage research that has a direct impact on jazz education and performance. 


Submission Deadline: April 30, 2022 (CLOSED)

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Conference research presentations

Additional Jazz Research Resources

The Jazz Audiences Initiative was a two-year national market study conducted by the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus with support by the Doris Duke Foundation. All findings, summary reports, and data are featured on the JEN website as a resource for insights into audience development and further research initiatives.

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Current Research in Jazz

Hardbop (not refereed)

Journal of Jazz Studies





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