JEN was founded in a spirit of celebration… celebrating music, celebrating community, and celebrating endless learning.
Jazz isn’t just about performing. It’s about making music together.
And we can only do this if we all join together in keeping the love and education of jazz alive.

advancing education

Advancing jazz education comes in many forms; introducing jazz education at younger levels, supporting the academic community, connecting students and pros for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and more! Our education programs provide support across all grade levels and styles.



JEN is a community where educators, students, pros, and aficionados share and learn from each other. Take part in a multitude of opportunities to connect with fellow JEN members, jazz and contemporary music experts, and our evolving library of digital resources.

photo by Frances Scanlon

promoting performance

Do you wake up each morning with music in your heart? Jazz is best when it’s shared and the community must work together to create opportunities for performance. Through our annual conference, we have hosted hundreds of performances by musicians of all ages and more than 24 countries. We are continually working on developing even more programs that will bring jazz performance to the spotlight.

photo by Frances Scanlon

developing audiences

Jazz is America’s original art form and its influences run wide in the evolution of music as we know it today. With its many variations in style and form, there are countless opportunities to connect with potential audiences and create new generations of jazz musicians and enthusiasts. 


Our purpose is to facilitate this discovery, as we support those who are doing the great work of introducing jazz to new audiences.

photo by Bart Marantz


We are proud to see how Jazz Education Network has been thriving since day one.
Together, we have grown to thousands of members across the United States and around the globe.
Providing numerous education resources for all levels, promoting community engagement,
and producing the largest performance/educational conference to the global jazz community, JEN has become the leader in networking students, educators and performers in this incredible musical art form. JEN has helped serve the education community by providing thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving students, recognizing and showcasing new up-and-coming composers, and creating grants to help fund more performers and clinicians online and in local communities.


But this is only the beginning.


We are looking forward to creating even more amazing member benefits for you in the coming years and working together to bring more jazz to more people.

photo by Frances Scanlon