A LIVE, Virtual Jam Session w/ Jamulus

Download Handout Join Berklee Global Initiatives faculty Jason Camelio, Ray Seol, and Jim Odgren and student Ivanna Cuesta for a webinar and LIVE jam session performed entirely over the internet! THEY’VE GOT IT FIGURED OUT… AND THEY’LL SHOW YOU HOW! Topics will include: Which platform is best? Technology & equipment considerations Best practices AND A LIVE JAM […]

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Recording Tips and Tricks: Microphones & Placement

Recording Tips and Tricks: Microphones & Microphone Placement By Kelly Garner Microphones: Choose Wisely Choosing the correct microphone for each instrument is one of the most important steps in the recording process. Each instrument, whether it be a voice, a guitar or a keyboard, contains different amounts of various frequencies across the frequency spectrum, making […]

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