Set & Setting in the Combo Room: Part 1

Set & Setting in the Combo Room By Hal Galper PART ONE: SETTING The Combo Room Is Part Of Your Instrument. “Set & Setting” is a phrase borrowed from the 60’s. In this instance “set“ means the state of mind of the student during an event and “setting“ means the environment within which the event […]

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Latin Percussion Applications in Jazz Band

Latin Percussion Applications in the Jazz Band By Victor Rendón Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and other “world” instruments have always been played in the context of popular music and jazz groups including jazz bands in colleges. Often, this area of drumming is neglected in an educational setting leaving the student to attempt to come up with something […]

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Rhythm Section In Vocal Jazz

Instructing the Rhythm Section In a Vocal Jazz Ensemble by Rosana Eckert The addition of a rhythm section (typically piano, bass, drums, and sometimes guitar) to a jazz choir greatly expands repertoire choices, enhances the ensemble’s stylistic possibilities, and helps take the choir even more deeply into the jazz idiom.  This added element can sometimes […]

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