A LIVE, Virtual Jam Session w/ Jamulus

Download Handout Join Berklee Global Initiatives faculty Jason Camelio, Ray Seol, and Jim Odgren and student Ivanna Cuesta for a webinar and LIVE jam session performed entirely over the internet! THEY’VE GOT IT FIGURED OUT… AND THEY’LL SHOW YOU HOW! Topics will include: Which platform is best? Technology & equipment considerations Best practices AND A LIVE JAM […]

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How to Record Gigs

AudioFiles: How to Record Gigs Even Stone, a devoted audiophile, recommends keeping any recording rig simple. “I use whatever is lightest, smallest and easiest to set up, that will also give me excellent quality,” he says. In his case, that means a multi-thousand-dollar system using high-end microphones from Schoeps and a Korg MR-1000 digital recorder, […]

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