Board of Directors Nominations

Nominations are now open for the JEN Board of Directors

Feb 15 – Mar 31 

Nominations can be made online during the above period.

 3-year terms (July 1st – June 30th)

Our current and ever-growing membership is a vast and varied pool of richly diverse and multi-talented individuals. Here is your chance to share your passion, your knowledge, your expertise, and experience to enrich the JEN Board of Directors.

As a JEN member, you may nominate yourself, or other individuals as long as you have their permission. 

JEN membership at the board-service-eligibility level is required in order nominate:

JEN Full Individual

JEN Chapter Organizer

JEN Institution membership (Primary Contact only)

JEN Corporate membership (Primary Contact only)

The Jazz Education Network is committed to representing and cultivating diversity in all areas of its operation which includes, but is not limited to, its staff, board members, volunteers, presenters, clinicians, performers and audiences. This commitment is present in all programs and decision making, including the selection of members to serve on the board of directors.

We encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply.


Special consideration will be given to those individuals with strong resumes demonstrating specific talents in: fundraising, marketing, programming, music and/or music industry, business, finance, and a strong work ethic.


Please consider becoming a vital part of the leadership team that will transform the future of jazz education. 

Questions may be submitted to [email protected].

The Nominator must be a current voting-eligible member in good standing.

The Nominee must:

  • Be a current voting-eligible member in good standing
  • Click on the button below to login and submit requested information. Submit current bio and a resume along with a Statement of Purpose for joining the Board of Directors
  • Commit to attend regularly scheduled board meetings and the annual conference
  • Commit to participate in committee and/or project work throughout the year

If you wish to nominate an individual or individuals other than yourself, you will need the following:

  • Consent from the nominee
  • Contact information including an email address
  • JEN membership at an appropriate level required to be nominated

After an individual has been nominated, the nominee’s eligibility will be confirmed by the Membership Manager, and the nominee will be contacted by the Nominating Committee to confirm the individual’s willingness to accept their nomination and to secure support materials.

Attendance at the Board Meetings is mandatory.

The board will meet four times annually, three online, and one time being in the conference location in January during the conference.

The JEN Board Meeting Schedule for the next three years is as follows:



  • July/August 2024, via Zoom
  • November 2024, via Zoom 
  • Jan 8 – 11, 2025 – JEN conference in Atlanta
  • March/April 2025, via Zoom


  • July/August 2025, via Zoom
  • November 2025, via Zoom
  • Jan 7 – 10, 2026 – JEN Conference New Orleans
  • March/April 2026, via Zoom


  • July/August 2026, via Zoom
  • November 2026, via Zoom
  • Jan 6 – 9, 2027 – JEN Conference Louisville, KY
  • March/April 2027, via Zoom


Housing and expenses will be provided for Board service to in-person meeting locations. Travel expenses are the responsibility of each board member. Expenses beyond housing are to be borne by the individual board member.

Members of the JEN Board of Directors assume the following responsibilities:

  1. Knowing the Jazz Education Network mission, services, policies, and programs.
  2. Participating in all Board meetings and conference.
  3. Reviewing Board agendas, minutes, and supporting materials (including financial statements) prior to Board meetings. Visiting the website and reading the JEN newsletters regularly.
  4. Communicating in a timely fashion on all JEN business. Submitting reports and requests for action on or before stated deadlines.
  5. Being an advocate for JEN and engaging and informing others about JEN and representing the organization to the general public through my professional, personal, and social networks. This includes adding your status as a member of the JEN Board of Directors to your bio, website and promo materials.
  6. Lending special skills and expertise to enhance the Board and be actively engaged in strategic planning and development.
  7. Being available to serve on at least one committee annually (i.e. Finance Committee, Fundraising & Development Committee, Marketing & Communications Committee, etc.)
  8. Being willing and able to be nominated for a JEN office and willing to serve if selected.
  9. Taking on special assignments as volunteer service as they relate to the advancement of JEN’s mission and services, policies and programs.
  10. Assisting in participant, volunteer, and Board member recruitment efforts, and engaging others who can make significant contributions to JEN – financially as individual contributors or corporate sponsors, and those who may lend their expertise to advancing our organization.
  11. Allowing JEN to use your image for promotional purposes. (This will include a short statement from you about JEN and keeping JEN informed of professional activities so that these events may be published online or in print publications).
  12. Following conflict of interest and confidentiality policies as they are established by JEN.
  13. As a strong personal commitment to the mission and values of JEN, it is required that all Board members maintain current membership.
  14. It is expected that all BOD members will cover transportation costs over $750 per event, and meal expenses related to Board meetings until such time as JEN is able to afford to budget all expenses in that regard.
  15. Board members are expected to financially contribute to the organization annually.
  16. In turn, the JEN Executive Committee will be available to answer any questions about the organization and all will work in good faith towards achievement of our mission and goals.
  17. Board Service Terms are 3 years in length and re-election should not be considered automatic. The reality is that there are only so many slots on the Board to be filled and if everyone serving was automatically reinstated for 3-year terms back-to-back, new energy would or could not be infused into the Board. Decisions are not to be assumed of a personal nature.
  18. Board members not returning should be recognized in perpetuity as a former Board member, and asked to continue on committees as part of the JEN governance structure. Further, an individual should be commended for their expected service while on the Board, but should not expect an explanation as to why he or she may not be selected again to serve.

Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee is a standing committee that reviews nominations from JEN members for the open board seats and then presents a Board Member Nomination Slate to the membership for a “yes” or “no” vote each year.  The Nominating Committee also reviews nominations from the JEN Board for open officer seats and then presents an Officer Nomination Slate to the Board for a “yes” or “no” vote each year.


Nominations will be reviewed as received and a slate of nominees will be prepared for vote by JEN membership.


Announcement of the outcome.

July 1

New Board members will take office to serve a three-year term.

JEN Board of Directors
Annual Timeline & Election Process


1) Begin review of the composition of the present board of director’s nomination grid – individually, professionally and collectively.

2) Determine needed skill sets to round out the present board including but not limited to:

  • Fundraising & Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Industry
  • Financial
  • Marketing/Public Relations
  • Expertise and/or experience with nonprofit’s organizations
  • Conference Production
  • Music education/curriculum (at all levels)
  • Performing Artist

3) Once the needed skills are determined, the Criteria for consideration are to be placed on the nomination application. Also see Board Member Service Goals.

  • The Nominator must be a current voting eligible member in good standing
  • The Nominee must be:
    • a current voting eligible member in good standing
    • Submit current bio and/or a resume along with a Statement of Purpose for joining the Board of Directors
    • Commit to attending regularly scheduled board meetings and the annual conference
    • Commit to participate in committee and/or project work throughout the year


1) Prepare announcement of nomination procedure for placement in print and online.
2) Prepare and distribute announcement via eBlast to membership


Place online for six weeks: February 15 through the deadline of March 31 (midnight EST) to receive nominations.

Early March

1) Continue nomination window

Late March

1) Nominating Committee contacts those that have been nominated and verifies whether they wish to be considered for the Board Nomination (contact could take place as the nominations for individuals are received)
2) Review all resumes and applications
3) Prepare slate for election from nominees list: deadline of April 5th


1) Launch election slate online for one month, deadline of April 30th (midnight PST), or 30 days after date of launch, whichever is later.
2) Nominating Committee prepares Officer election slate from existing Board member candidates


1) Review tally of votes and announce the NEW Board members in July online


1) Board elects officers for term beginning July 1st


1) President or Executive Committee meets with NEW Board Members via conferencing call for orientation to Board materials and expectations of service


1) Ratify elected officers at Board Meetings or electronically beforehand

ready to nominate? click below

NOTE: You’ll be taken to the member portal login screen first, before you’re taken to the nomination page.

charlotte lang

Swiss/Dutch saxophonist Charlotte Lang was born in 1996 in Basel and studied the bachelor and master program at the JAZZCAMPUS Basel under the guidance of Domenic Landolf and Daniel Blanc. She is currently studying the Master of Music in Global Jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Boston under the artistic direction of Danilo Pérez. In addition she is part of Terri Lyne Carrington’s Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice.


From 2015 to 2018, Charlotte she was a member of the Swiss National Youth Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Christian Muthspiel. Since 2020, she became a member of the German National Youth Jazz Orchestra (Bundesjazzorchester Deutschland), under the direction of Niels Klein and Ansgar Striepens. She also plays is the Austrian FJO (Frauen Jazz Orchester→Women Jazz Orchestra of Austria).


In 2021, Charlotte founded her own Quintet the „Charlotte Lang Group“, for what she is composing, arranging and booking. In the fall 2023, her first album will be recorded and hopefully released by a renowned label.


Charlotte plays in the “Swiss Jazz Orchestra” and the “Zurich Jazz Orchestra”, the two professional Big Bands of Switzerland.

Charlotte recently got the unique opportunity to write a monthly blog for the Swiss Jazz & Blues Magazine called JAZZTIME, to tell readers about her time at abroad and specifically her time at Berklee. Her graduate program lasts only until the summer of 2023. She hopes to stay in the United States to enlarge her network and build her musical career.