Effective Vocal Improvisation

Drafting a Roadmap to Effective Vocal Improvisation By Justin Binek In a previous article for the JEN e-newsletter (published in February 2017), I briefly discussed improvisational teaching strategies that I have used with singers at the collegiate level, focusing on some tools that I use to help students lock down the form of the tune […]

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Listening 101

Jazz Listening 101: A Primer For Students Of Exemplary Songs Of the Genre by Dr. David Fodor I was recently asked by a friend for a good online jazz listening resource that covered a broad range of history of the music and featured its best exemplars.  I jumped at the chance to create such a […]

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Sing and Play

Sing and Play: Teaching Fundamental Music Skills in Vocal Jazz Ensembles by Kathleen Hollingsworth, D.M.A. I am the Vocal Music Director at an Oregon community college where I teach chamber choir and vocal jazz. I generally have students in my ensembles who have been members of their high school choirs and absolutely love to sing. […]

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Adding Nuance to Vocal Jazz Performance

Starting, Sustaining and Stopping: Adding Nuance to All Three Parts of a Note in Vocal Jazz Ensemble Performance by Kerry Marsh Vocal jazz ensemble music lives and develops predominantly in educational institutions, with a few world-class professional groups that those of us in the community seem to unanimously admire. This phenomenon creates both the opportunity […]

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Rhythm Section In Vocal Jazz

Instructing the Rhythm Section In a Vocal Jazz Ensemble by Rosana Eckert The addition of a rhythm section (typically piano, bass, drums, and sometimes guitar) to a jazz choir greatly expands repertoire choices, enhances the ensemble’s stylistic possibilities, and helps take the choir even more deeply into the jazz idiom.  This added element can sometimes […]

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