Musical Language

Effective Vocal Improvisation

Drafting a Roadmap to Effective Vocal Improvisation By Justin Binek In a previous article for the JEN e-newsletter (published in February 2017), I briefly discussed improvisational teaching strategies that I have used with singers at the collegiate level, focusing on some tools that I use to help students lock down the form of the tune […]

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A Structured Approach to ‘Woodshedding’ Improvisation

A Structured Approach to ‘Woodshedding’ Improvisation By Jesse McBee Most professional musicians arrive at a certain level of proficiency resultant of years of disciplined, consistant practice. We have numerous books and studies making their way around colleges, universities and conservatories and into course curriculum dealing with performance practice and human learning, such as Malcolm Gladwell’s […]

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How To Improvise With Others

How To Improvise With Others (When You Lack Confidence) by Monica Shriver Confidence is a tricky thing. Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you deserve to be confident and sometimes you don’t. And sometimes that doesn’t stop you. The trick is tempering confidence with humility and kindness. When is comes to improvising, […]

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The Big Band Music of David Baker

The Big Band Music of David Baker by Monika Herzig We recently lost one of our jazz legends, David Baker, but his legacy continues. The stories, tributes, and pictures that were shared in the Remembering David Baker Facebook group speak volumes about his impact on the jazz community worldwide and beyond.  In addition, major publications all over […]

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