Jazz Conducting by Todd Stoll  As the new school year begins and aspiring musicians head back to the classroom, the air is full of the anticipation and enthusiasm one would expect. Directors have programmed their year full of great music to be heard at concert performances, festivals and competitions. My mind goes to the part […]

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TEACHING MUSIC IN THE 21st CENTURY by Todd Stoll Three years ago, I wrote a piece that was picked up by Time magazine, it was meant to celebrate the passing of the ESSA Act and encourage music educators to reach deeper into the subject that we love. It is reprinted here as a reminder that […]

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AT LAST! by Caleb Chapman And just like that, two years is over. Like most milestones in our lives, the conclusion of my service as JEN president was a day that often felt like it would never come, yet here we are. A year ago I reported to you that as a board, we were […]

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50 JEN Signature Chapters & Societies Launched!

50 JEN Signature Chapters & Societies Launched! by Sharon Burch That’s right! Fifty JEN chapters and societies were formed by January 31, 2018, establishing them as “Signature Chapters & Societies.” We’re excited to launch this initiative, providing a way to connect chapters and societies around the globe. If you are the director, leader or organizer […]

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