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Herb Alpert Foundation

JEN Online Events are funded in part by our JAZZ2U grant, made possible by a generous grant from the Herb Alpert Foundation.

Join JEN officers Sean Jones (President), Lonnie Davis (President-elect), JEN board member Pharez Whitted, and guest panelists Jason Moran and Gary Bartz as they discuss how jazz educators can be leading voices in their schools & communities on racial equity in education.

Join JEN officers Todd Stoll (President), Sean Jones (President-elect), and Lonnie Davis (Secretary) as they discuss how jazz educators can be leading voices in their schools & communities on racial equity in education.

The Balancing Act
Balancing the professional and the personal
Presented by the New York Voices (NYV)

Join The New York Voices – Kim Nazarian, Peter Eldridge, Darmon Meader, & Lauren Kinhan – as they present a special webinar about finding balance between our professional and personal lives.

The group will discuss:

  • Balancing performance, parenting, and relationships with an artist’s “normalcy” (Kim)
  • Balancing performing, arranging, publishing, and the business of New York Voices (Darmon)
  • Balancing New York Voices responsibilities and fostering solo artist projects (Lauren)
  • Balancing life on the road and teaching full time (Peter)

Join renowned jazz composers and Young Composer Showcase mentors Greg Yasinitsky, Roxy Coss, Socrates Garcia, Ryan Middagh, and past Young Composer Showcase Selectees Phillip Ryan Goss, Annie Booth, and Gabriel Severn for a roundtable conversation about all things jazz composition.

Ryan Middagh, Director of the JEN’s Young Composer Showcase Program will moderate the panel as they discuss:

  • How they got started as jazz composers
  • Their personal compositional process
  • The mentor – mentee relationship
  • Virtual composition and collaboration ideas
  • Plus a Q & A with the Facebook Live audience.

The panel will also discuss their personal experiences as part of the Jazz Education Network’s Young Composer Showcase Program.

Whether teaching remotely or in the classroom, you have goals to meet the needs of your kids. A lack of funding shouldn’t stop you from achieving them! To support your mission, Heather Mansell, Yamaha Marketing Manager, and David Jewell, Manager of Partnerships & Alliances, will be sharing information about federal funding available to support and expand music programs.

This webinar will include information on both Title IV-A and C.A.R.E.S. Act (COVID-19 Relief) funds.

Join music producer, jazz educator, & JEN Membership Manager Jesse Nolan for a no-frills, “back-to-basics” session focused on Logic Pro X.

Jesse will demonstrate:

  • Setting up a project
  • Using tools like scissors, flex-time, pencil, glue, fade, automation
  • Recording basics
  • Editing basics
  • MIDI basics
  • Mixing basics
  • Helpful keyboard shortcuts
  • Exporting your project in multiple compatible formats

Join distinguished music educators José Antonio Díaz, Helen H. Cha-Pyo, Shamie Royston, Julius Tolentino, William Leather, Nic Meyer, and Penelope Smetters-Jacono, PLUS a roundtable of Jazz Education Network chapter organizers and directors for a pro-active discussion about how the COVID-19 crisis could shape music education for the months and years ahead.

The panel will discuss:

  • The state of music education during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Solutions and suggestions for resuming rehearsals.
  • Proactive steps you can take for NEXT year.
  • Prioritizing the health and mental mindset of students, staff, and community.

Using Music to Teach Critical Thinking and Math

Join Mari Mennel-Bell, MA, MSW, as we dive into language arts, math, geography, history, science & test taking strategies through the lense of jazz!In this JazzSLAM session we will take a close look at the relationship between jazz and world geography/history, migration, African & Native American rhythms and math. This will include call & response (our earliest song form), a “rhythm orchestra,” and analyzing a pie graph of a rhythm.

The session includes illustrative songs played by the JazzSLAM Quartet & 7 exceptional Dillard Center for the Arts high school student musicians.

Join Seattle JazzED Education Director, Kelly Clingan, for a workshop specially designed for music teachers of secondary students (grades 6-12). Kelly will detail a model for engaging all students in critical listening.

All registrants will receive FREE guided online listening guides and student worksheets aligned to National Standards that are ready-to-use with your students.

Kelly will provide attendees with:

  • A peak inside the free resources
  • “How-to” guide for engaging your students
  • Assessment suggestions
  • Models for creating your own listening guides

Join master jazz educator Julius Tolentino for a step-by-step tutorial on creating your first virtual video or audio collaboration. Before creating the video below, Julius had NO EXPERIENCE with audio or video production.

Download your FREE step-by-step “how-to” guide on creating your first virtual collaboration.

Julius discusses the pedagogy of virtual collaboration, including:

  • Repertoire selection
  • Ensemble parameters
  • Directions for your students
  • The recording studio approach to virtual collaboration
  • Julius will also detail the steps needed to produce your virtual collaboration:
  • Building your guide track
  • Assembling & mixing audio tracks
  • Assembling & syncing video clips
  • Technical Tips & Tricks
  • Pitfalls

Join moderator Dr. Monika Herzig in an educational discussion with special guests Dr. Martin Norgaard, Dr. Harry Price, Dr. John Edward Hasse and Dr. Lewis Porter.

Join Grammy-award winning trumpeter & master jazz educator, Sean Jones, for a special, interactive listening session. Sean will take viewers on a journey through some of his favorite music and answer questions from the Facebook Live Audience.


Join noted jazz trombonist and Professor Ryan Keberle for a helpful webinar exploring how you can engage your large ensemble during virtual and distance learning. Ryan will detail virtual listening exercises and strategies for engaging your large ensemble in active listening that will build better musicians.

Topics will include:

  1. Virtual listening & ear training exercises you can do with your students
  2. Examples of various listening techniques and strategies
  3. Tech tool suggestions

Plus a live Q & A with the Facebook Live audience.

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Join Grammy-nominated saxophonist & Berklee College of Music Professor Tia Fuller and the 2020 JEN Sisters in Jazz Collegiate Combo for a virtual roundtable discussion exploring topics important to women and non-binary artists in today’s jazz scene & gig economy. Moderated by jazz professor, scholar, and pianist Ellen Rowe, topics include:
  • Effective band leader / Egoless interaction
  • Performance / Stage Presence / Presentation
  • Business / Management / Agent mindset
  • Marketing & Branding
  • The JEN Sisters in Jazz Program
Plus a live Q & A with the Facebook Live audience.

This webinar focuses on the tools, tips & tricks of teaching instrumental lessons online, including:

  • How to setup the technology
  • How to share lesson notes and documents
  • How to keep students engaged
  • How to provide feedback
  • How teaching online can work for you
  • Time for Q & A

Click to Download the Handout

This webinar focuses on providing strategic advice on delivering courses and content online for the first time, including:

  • How to get started with online teaching
  • Things you need to know before you begin
  • Fostering student engagement remotely
  • Teaching classroom courses online vs. teaching applied lessons online
  • Q&A

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