Jamey Aebersold Endowed Scholarship Fund

For well over fifty years through Jamey Aebersold’s summer camps, clinics, groundbreaking publications and worldwide distributions of educational jazz materials, Jamey has been a tireless advocate for jazz education impacting tens of thousands of aspiring jazz players. It’s likely that no single jazz educator has had more of a worldwide influence on learning how to play jazz in the last six decades.

**UPDATE** Thanks to a generous donation from one of Jamey’s biggest fans our goal has been reached! Thank you for all of your donations. Our scholarship funds will now be able to assist many new young jazz artists and educators.

We are excited for the future of jazz!

Goal Met  $100,000


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Comments to Jamey



Thanks for all you have done for the Jazz community and for me individually. I enjoy the music and learning at camp, but even more I enjoy seeing the friends I have made over the years. Nothing goes on forever, but I hope the camp will continue for many years to come. Alan

Alan Bachrach

Dear Friend, Jamey!

January 2, 2019 Congratulations on your exemplary Career and outstanding lifelong Advocacy in support of Jazz Education and our cherished students globally, dear Friend! Your brilliant Teaching, Humanity, and immense charitable Donations in support of Students internationally, have so greatly enriched our Artform and Profession! Thank you so much, dear Friend, for your consummate artistry, kindness and gracious support! Bravo, Maestro!!

With love and admiration always,


Dennis J. Tini

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Music, Senior Associate Dean (ret.), College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan


Dear Jamey,
It was my first summer at the jazz workshop, and I have a LONG way to go, but you and your unbelievable faculty have given me the tools to get there. I am forever grateful for the gift of playing jazz that you have given me and to so many. Thank you.
Mauro Mastrapasqua


As I have told you and anyone who would listen, the award you deserve is the Medal of Freedom for contributions to American culture. Your “1,2,3,4 ” count off is known around the world…believe me, I know!! The internationalization of jazz starts with you. Being part of your programs for forty years I can say there was one sentence you underscored and preached which I will always remember: “Put the students first.” Yes sir?? Congrats on a life well spent making a major contribution to people’s lives.”


Lieb (Dave Liebman)

Dear Jamey,

I drove my son up to Rockville Md one time for a weekend workshop you were giving. He was in 8th grade maybe, and was the youngest person there. I stayed for one of the sessions and watched Nick stand up to solo after some instruction from you. I was so proud of him!

Later, when he was in his freshman year at IU, he got to go to your wonderful summer camp with a friend of his. they both loved it! and at home, he would always use your play alongs to practice with.

Thank you so much for all that you have given to the world of jazz and all the young aspiring jazz students! Nick was right there with you in wanting to spread word of America’s original art form gift to the world, and always took time to share his love of the music.

Best to you in retirement, but as we all know, a musician never stops playing-and their music just continues on!

All the best,

Nancy Halgren

Dear Jamie,
Thank you so much for your awesome camps that I have attended for the last few years, I 
Have learned so much and I’m becoming a better musician. The amazing musical information you and your staff (from all over the country) have shared with me and the other campers has been invaluable, and I’m truly thankful and blessed to have been part of that. I also enjoyed your stories, jokes and humor at Comstock Hall too! Thank you for all your dedication and effort in keeping these camps running for such a long time, I will never forget you!
Meg Anderson


Thank you for your work as a teacher and musician. This Workshop has served all of us: musicians of every age, ability, race, creed, and gender. I appreciate your instruction, your example as a teacher and artist, and your faith that is articulated through your horn.

All God’s grace, peace, and health in your continued work,

Jim Zingarelli
(3 times running: Absersold Jazz Workshop)

I have already left you a thank you card in the box in the lobby so just a short note here.

I support your foundation and the education of young people in any kind of music really. 
FYI, The main jazz radio station in Iowa, KCCK FM-88.3 Cedar Rapids, has a high school jazz workshop program in which local jazz and blues musicians go around to the schools and present programs and play music with the kids. 

They may be interested in sending some kids to your summer workshops on a scholarship. Theirs or yours. Dennis Green is the station manager. Dennis and Jazz KCCK 88.3 are on Facebook.

Tim Fees


Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have been a great influence on my life. 

Hunt Butler


When I was playing trumpet in high school I wanted to play jazz. I played in the school big band but no one knew what to do with those chord symbols. 

As an adult player I found some of your play alongs and started practicing. A few years later I was again in a big band and the concert was one rehearsal away and I still couldn’t play the written solo. I tossed the notes looked over the chords and played as best I could over them. Everyone liked it and I was regularly handed solos after that. 

I’ve since been to your camp a number of times. I currently have a regular combo I play with. There is still so much to learn and master and I’ll be there for the final camp.

You’ve made jazz an important part of my musical life. 

I can’t thank you enough. Best wishes in retirement.

Jim Sowinski

Dear Jamey
Thank you for your fantastic Workshop: it has greatly enriched my life by deepening my understanding, skill and confidence playing jazz. Your complete approach with theory, combos, and masterclasses with such jazz masters has been fantastic! This is my 6th workshop and I’m only sorry it is the last one. But as I retire from Hospital Medicine practice this year, I get it!

Cheers in your life and music! I wish you health, happiness, love and fun! 

John Mihalik, MD


This is my seventh time back at jazz camp. It has been a wonderful experience that has significantly impacted my life and my twin brother Ben as well. Every year we both looked forward to attending the Aebersold camp and practiced as much as possible so we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves. The skills we have learned from the camp have given us the foundation to play in a jazz group and motivate us to continue to improve.

I want to pay special tribute to someone who I want recognize as a talented and gifted teacher, Steve Barnes. During my first year at Aebersold I was so nervous. Steve was assigned to teach me the basics I needed to play in a combo. I know it was a real challenge for him. During my first session with him I saw in his eyes, he had this look like … OMG. I know he thought … “what is this old guy doing here?” He doesn’t even know how to hold a drumstick let alone play a basic beat. Steve was ever so patient and continued to work with me day after day. Just an outstanding teacher.

Franklin Kudo


I remember the first time I discovered the “Bird” play-a-long at a friend’s house in high school. I was fascinated; but didn’t have enough together at that time to attempt to play along. That year I transcribed Bird’s “Just Friends” solo from Bird with Strings. It took me forever but I did it because I wanted to get to a stage where I could eventually use your play-along record. Since that time you have been a positive influence and a motivator for me. I remember clearly my first year teaching at camp in Elmhurst. I was next to you in the cafeteria line. We were talking about our favorite recordings and you recommended “Idle Moments” by Grant Green. To this day this is one of my all time favorite recordings. And thank you for speaking out about cigarette smoking and against Donald Trump! Thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do.

Walt Weiskopf

To Jamey: a true Jazz Crusader – a dedicated musician of renown and a generous teacher of note. It is an honor to call you “mentor” and a privilege to call you “friend.”
Wishing you an ever-flowing “Joy Spring” of renewed inspiration and endless discovery!
Love, Luck and Laughter,

Steve Crews

It’s been an honor to know you and occasionally work beside you all these years. You’ve certainly earned the right to “step back” and better enjoy some of the things life has to offer besides jazz (there are a few!:-). Congratulations!

With admiration,
Bob Morgan

Dear one and only Jamey Aebersold,
You have been giving of yourself for many years now and it’s time for us to give back to you for all you have done for jazz education. Your name will live for many years in our profession and now we will recognize you at our JEN conference by honoring a young student in jazz with a scholarship to assist them in the pursuit of their dreams! Thank you for supporting Jazz Education Network from the very beginning! I Will always remember honoring you with our first LeJENd of jazz education award right there in Louisville! Please take care of yourself, stay healthy. You will forever be in our hearts and in our head ….1, 2, 1234….!

Mary Jo Papich

For fifty years you have been a major force in my life. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and mentorship! Your legacy is far reaching and will last long after we are all gone I am sure. Thank you, my friend!

Dan Haerle


Donors to The Jamey Aebersold Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jamey Aebersold
Christopher Akin
Steve Allee
Ron Allen
Meghan Anderson
Kelly Arganbright
Richard Armandi
Lynne Arriale
Alan Bachrach
Lida Baker
Steve & Jennifer Barnes
Fred & Andria Blattner
Natalie Boeyink
Don Braden
Randy Brecker
Darius & Cathy Brubeck
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Suzanne Caron
Sara Caswell
Corey Christiansen
Timothy Coffman
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Michael Di Liddo
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Sarah Falls
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Nancy Halgren
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Fred Hashimoto
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Colby & Daniela Inzer
Sabrina & Eric Isherwood
Stephen Johnson
Thomas Keithly
Jim Ketch
Bob Kotch
Franklin Kudo
Trent Kynaston
Jim Lamb
Bill & Shirley Lavin
David Liebman
Beth Maguire
Clara Manso
Charles Marsh
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Mauro Mastrapasqua
Ronald McCray
Dave McWhorter
John  Mihalik
Helen Milner
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Harryette Pickens
Meghan Pund
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Walt Weiskopf
Scott Wendholt
Hatch Whitfield
Jennifer Wilhelms
Jack Wilkins
Treb Winegar
Thomas Woodfin
Donald Worth
Shelley Yoelin
James Zingarelli
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Announcement of The Jamey Aebersold Endowed Scholarship Fund

Surprise Announcement

Jamey Aebersold and Bob Sinicrope

July 6, 2018

Louisville, KY


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