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Future JEN Conferences

photo by Rene Huemer

14th Annual Conference
Jan 4-7, 2023
Omni Orlando Resort (Orlando, FL)

15th Annual Conference
Jan 3-6, 2024
Hyatt Regency (New Orleans, LA)

16th Annual Conference
Jan 8-11, 2025
Hyatt Regency (Atlanta, GA)

17th Annual Conference
Jan 7-10, 2026
Hyatt Regency (New Orleans, LA)

18th Annual Conference
Jan 6-9, 2027
Galt House Hotel Trademark Collection by Wyndham (Louisville, KY)


How We Choose a JEN Conference Site

The Jazz Education Network Board has established a philosophical, practical and fiscally sound approach as we pursue conference locations.

Prior to 2013, we utilized a site review committee to make recommendations to the Board. Since 2013, JEN has utilized the Hospitality Performance Network (HPN), Casey Kruer, VP of Accounts, [email protected] or (502) 819-8671 as our agent in locating comparable sites based on certain criteria. HPN has proven beneficial for us as they bring significantly more clout due to the number of clients in their collective portfolio and established relationships with all major hotels around the world.

JEN employs the following criteria when determining conference sites:

  • All activity under one roof. This limits JEN to 8-10 U.S. hotels with ample space to host our conference
  • Affordability of room rates to our membership (note pricing since inception):

2010: $75 • Hilton Airport Hotel, St. Louis/Site: University of MO St. Louis • May 23-2
2011: $150 • Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans, LA • Jan 5-8
2012: $115/$135 • The Galt House, Louisville, KY • Jan 4-7
2013: $119 • Hyatt Regency Peachtree, Atlanta, GA • Jan 2-5
2014: $139 • Hyatt Regency at Reunion, Dallas, TX • Jan 8-11
2015: $169 • Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA • Jan 7-10
2016: $115/$139 • The Galt House, Louisville, KY • Jan 6-9
2017: $169 • Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA • Jan 4-7
2018: $149 • Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX • Jan 3-6
2019: $89/$109 • Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV • Jan 9-12
2020: $179 • Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA • Jan 8-11
2021: $127/$147 • The Galt House, Louisville, KY • Jan 6-9
2022: $179 • Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX • Jan 5-8
2023: price TBD • Omni Orlando Resort, Orlando FL • Jan 4-7
2024: $209 • Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA • Jan 3-6
2025: $185 • Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, GA • Jan 8-11

  • Accessibility to our regional membership by air/drivability by car/bus
  • Mass Transit options from airports to hotel
  • Family friendly atmosphere & a location that is known to cater to student groups
  • Low attrition obligation (Hotels mandate that JEN sell a percentage of the room block in order to receive complimentary event space. Otherwise the event space is very expensive)
  • Low food & beverage obligation (Hotels mandate that JEN purchase a minimum of food and beverage that can be very expensive)
  • Generous Concessions to the organization which assist the organization with keeping the costs associated with producing the conference LOW!
  • Ability to bring the conference in at or under the established budget
  • Established 3-4 year rotation of conference sites to create familiarity with the venues for maintaining production and membership costs

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Conference Sponsors

The Jazz Education Network annual conference is made possible by hundreds of volunteers and the sponsors listed below.

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Berklee College of Music

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