2019 President's Letters


WHY TEACH JAZZ? by Todd Stoll Happy National Jazz Appreciation Month! I encourage all of our members to go to the JAM website to find ways to celebrate and share the music we support and love. Our close friend and colleague, John Hasse,  Curator Emeritus of American Music at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History […]

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The All-State Hustle

THE ALL-STATE HUSTLE by Todd Stoll DISCLAIMER: I am not against new music. I am in favor of new music, and believe jazz has contemporary relevance in modern society. I am not against new music. But, it’s state conference season, so let’s take some time to discuss our all state jazz bands. After you read […]

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OUR CONFERENCE, OUR COMMUNITY by Todd Stoll Our Conference, Our Community I write this as I reflect back on the 10th annual JEN conference that recently took place in Reno, Nevada. I am so excited to participate this year as President as we move JEN into its next decade. So many important milestones have been […]

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