jazz2u grants

Thanks to a generous grant from the Herb Alpert Foundation, we present JAZZ2U – the Jazz Education Network’s commitment to local jazz outreach.

Eligible JEN members* can apply for a $300 or $500 grant to assist in funding a speaker, clinician, or performer, at any event that will bring jazz to new or existing audiences via schools, community centers, performances or informances by quality performers and advanced educators.

Applicants AND guest artists must be JEN Full Individual members.

Grants are limited to venues within the United States at this time.

*Eligible to apply for JAZZ2U Grants: 

JANUARY 1 – JEN Collegiate, Community or School Chapter Organizer ($96 annually)

FEBRUARY 1 – JEN Full Individual Membership ($8 monthly or $96 annually)


Want to upgrade? Email [email protected] to request a membership upgrade.

Herb Alpert Foundation

Fund your next event

JAZZ2U grants help organizations and individuals pay performers and clinicians to help bring more jazz to local communities. Please note that the applicant and clinician or performer must both be JEN members to apply.

2021 JAZZ2U Grant Application dates:

(Your JAZZ2U event can be after August 1)


REMINDER:  Your guest solo artist  or leader of the group must be a current JEN Individual Member

($96 annual or $8 monthly).

How to Apply

1. Create an event in which you will invite a speaker, performer, or jazz expert to present about the art of jazz.

2. Apply for a JAZZ2U grant by filling out an easy online application. You will be contacted upon review of your grant application. Please note: Only one JAZZ2U grant approval per person per year.

3. Advertise your event. Please be sure to credit the Jazz Education Network and Herb Alpert Foundation on all marketing materials related to your event. Logos can be provided by request.

4. Share your success with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

5. Complete and online evaluation form. Accepted applicants must complete an online evaluation tool when their JAZZ2U Project is finished. (Also explained in the acceptance letter.)

6. The check will be mailed upon completion of the survey.

Grants are limited and provided on a first-come-first-served basis.


Application Tips

What does it take to be approved for a JAZZ2U grant? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my guest artist a JEN Full Individual member? ($8 monthly;$96 annually)

  • If an ensemble, is at least one member a full JEN Full Individual member?

  • Are my impact numbers high?

    • The JAZZ2U Committee and the Herb Alpert Foundation (who funds our grant program), like to see attendee numbers in the hundreds.

    • If you’re putting on a masterclass, small clinic or workshop, we suggest it be in conjunction with a big performance (school assembly, evening concert, etc.)


Of course, these are not hard and fast rules. They are guidelines of increasing your odds of being approved. We know there are always exceptions and our committee takes other individual factors into account when reviewing applications. 

$300 Workshop - Clinician (audience size minimum 50)

JEN will underwrite artist fees for $300 for the purpose of providing a musician(s) to conduct a workshop/masterclass/clinic with students or community members. 

For this category, audience size should a minimum of 50.

As an example, activities in this category include, but are not limited to:

  • instrument-specific master classes
  • rhythm section workshops
  • an improvisation workshop at a university
  • high school jazz band clinics
  • etc.  

The artist/artist(s) in question, and the requesting individual must be JEN Full Individual members.*  

Monies must be used for artist fees only, and are not to be used for expenses relating to travel, housing or per diem.

*Note: Membership levels eligible to apply include: Full Individual, Corporate, Institution, and School Festival Partner memberships. Click here to become a member.

$500 In-School or Community Performance (audience size minimum 80)

JEN will underwrite artist fees for $500 for the purpose of providing an ensemble (trio or more) to present an in-school or community jazz performance/informance.

For this category, audience size should be a minimum of 80.

As JEN places a great deal of importance on education, these performances should include some educational aspect (e.g. history and background of the repertoire, explaining the inter-workings of a jazz ensemble, etc.).  

At least one artist in the ensemble and the requesting individual must be JEN Full Individual members.* 

Monies must be used for artist fees only, and are not to be used for expenses relating to travel, housing, or per diem.

*Note: Membership levels eligible to apply include: Full Individual, Corporate, Institution memberships. Click here to become a member.

Additional Information

  • Grants are limited to venues within the United States at this time.
  • This program is intended to advance the presentation of jazz to young and diverse audiences, to promote the coaching of young musicians in the elements of playing jazz, and to increase paid opportunities for professional jazz musicians.
  • Funding is for qualified eligible JEN members with all levels of experience in presenting in-school programs, whether a director, educator, or artist.
  • Both the applicant and the artist (leader if it is an ensemble) must be CURRENT eligible JEN members at the time of application and the date of the event.
  • The JEN Outreach team is available upon request for assistance in designing content, working with artists in engaging local school audiences, and providing strategies for forming educational partnerships.

2019 JAZZ2U Guest Artists

Sherrie Maricle • Todd Wright • Matt Falker • Amanda Taylor • Sammy K. • Dave Camwell • David Detweiller • Bob Mintzer • Russell Ferrante • Will Kennedy • Dane Alderson • Mikel Soria Jazz Band • Brian Toel • Greg Christiansen • Patricia Vergara • Montage Latin Fusion Jazz Band • Jorge Espinoza • Michael Vasquez • U.S.A.F. Commanders Jazz Ensemble • Nick Giardelli • The Bison Jazz Orchestra • Steve Wiest • The OBU Bison Jazz Orchestra • The OBU Bison Jazz Combo • John Ehlis • Tony White • Ray McNamara • Louise Rogers • Mark Kross • John Loehrke • Rick Strong • Alex Strong • Max Pollak • George Michael • Tobias Gebb • Stephane Spira • Adam Horowitz • Glenn White • Flip Peter • Matt Falker • J. Lee Jazz Quartet • Adam Larson • Bill Tiberio •
The Jazz Collective • Dave McWhorter • Larry Nelson • Mark Gardner • Tim Fowler • Tom Covello • Frank Oddis • Michael Cruse • Greg Jasperse • Alex Acuna • Jim Repa • Doug Johnson • Keala Kaumeheiwa • Steve Langone • Monika Herzig • Nadje Noordhuis • Lakecia Benjamin • Jenny Kellogg • Johnaye Kendrick • Mimi Fox • Marina Christopher • Karina Colis • Wayne Roberts • Robert Ferrier • Peter Coutsouridis • Peter Grimaldi • R.J. Avalone • William Fanning • Will Choe • Tim Atherton • Dave Sporney • Carolyn Durfraine • Bill Carr • Edward Orgill • Edward Mari • Carl Clement • Felepe Salis • Ryan Emken • Samirah Evans • Kevin Burns • Darmon Maeder • Tim Coffman • Amanda Ekery • Grace Ward • Stephanie Munoz • Cassie Cardenas • Amy K. Bormet • Karine Chapdelaine • Tina Raymond • Charmaine Michelle • Shannon Gunn • Sparky Koerner • Lisa Kelly • JB Scott • Don Zentz • Jeff Phillips • Dennis Marks • Jeremy Smith • Night Star Jazz Orchestra • Nicole Yarling • Jim Gasior • Marty Quinn • John Yarling • JECC Bootcamp Ensemble • New World School of the Arts Ensemble • Calvin Gay Ensemble • Miguel Russell group • Dr. Justin Binek • Dr. Derek Cordoba • Diva Jazz Orchestra

2019 JAZZ2U Grant Recipients


Adam Larson 

Adam Schroeder

Adele Dinerstein

Alan Chan

Bill Tiberio

Bryan Itzkowitz

Chris Bruya

Dave McWhorter

David Detweiler

Derick Cordoba

Diane Orlofsky

Dr. Justin Binek

Edward Orgill

Elliott Scozzaro

Gary Phillips

Georgiana Friedman

Harry Schnipper

Howard Bankhead

Jack Nossavage

Jacob Jay

Jim Repa

Jim Widner

John Ehlis

Jonathan Black

Justin Pierce

Karim Yengsep

Keith McCutchen

Kevin Hicks

Lisa Kelly

Dr. Lou Fischer

Louise Rogers

Molly Sender

Nicole Yarling

Phillip Ravita

Rachel Bade-McMurphy

Phillip Ravita

Randy Madsen

Ray Smith

Shannon Gunn

Sparky Koerner

Steve Fidyk

Steve Haines

Todd Kelly



International Jazz Day - April 30th

JEN, in collaboration with the Thelonius Monk Institute and the Jazz Journalists Association encourages participation in International Jazz Day on April 30th. Organize an International Jazz Day event in your community. From concerts to classes, no event is too big or too small. Register your event on JazzDay.com to become an official participant and share your event with people around the world.

"The JAZZ2U grant serves the jazz arts community in a major way. It gave students and community musicians the opportunity to interact closely with a New York-based artist, notable across the jazz scene worldwide. These kinds of experiences are priceless for students."

—John Raymond, Trumpeter/Clinician

"Bringing a program like this to the inner city communities is very important and in this case the audience asked many questions and were very willing to participate with the instructors."

—Clayton E. Corley from Mercy Hospital of Philadelphia