Teaching Online Lessons

This webinar focuses on the tools, tips & tricks of teaching instrumental lessons online, including: How to setup the technology How to share lesson notes and documents How to keep students engaged How to provide feedback How teaching online can work for you Time for Q & A Click to Download the Handout

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Teaching Online

This webinar focuses on providing strategic advice on delivering courses and content online for the first time, including: How to get started with online teaching Things you need to know before you begin Fostering student engagement remotely Teaching classroom courses online vs. teaching applied lessons online Q&A Click to Download Handout

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El Paso Jazz Girls

El Paso Jazz Girls by Amanda Ekery Plan I started planning for El Paso Jazz Girls, a clinic for female identifying high school students, after discovering that in the last decade only seven girls had made Texas All-State Jazz Band – less than 2% of all participants. As a Texas native, that demographic was shocking. […]

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Being Brave Is At the Heart Of Being A Musician

Being Brave is at the Heart of Being a Musician by Monica Shriver Learning to play jazz is about more than technique and theory. It’s about more than musicality and groove. It’s more than music. Charlie Parker said “If you don’t live it, it won’t come out your horn,” and it’s that “living” part that […]

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Jazz Band: Where Are the Girls?

The Educational Jazz Band: Where Are the Girls? by Kelly B. Clingan In Seattle’s nationally celebrated jazz ensembles, we have a serious but often-overlooked equity problem. Where are all of the girls? Let’s be brave, let’s be honest, let’s talk about it, and let’s problem-solve. I don’t have surefire answers, but we need to start the […]

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