Scholarships & Awards Committee

Scholarship & Awards Committee: Dan Gregerman, Chair

Committee Members: 

Robert Breithaupt
JB Dyas
Dr. Darla Hanley

Dr. Monika Herzig
Rick Kessel
Mary Jo Papich
Trineice Robinson

CHARGE: This committee is responsible for overseeing develop of criteria related to all awards and scholarships. This committee coordinates the creation of JEN Clinician & Performer Certificates and JEN Scholarships prior to/at the conference in tandem with the Conference Coordinator. The chair work closely with the scheduler to decide when and where scholarships are awarded.

The current scholarships include:

1. David Baker Scholarship (sponsored by Jamey Aebersold) - $3,000
3. Dr. Lou Fischer JEN Co-Founder Scholarship - $1,000
4. Hal Leonard Collegiate Scholarship - $1,000
5. Mary Jo Papich JEN Co-Founder Women in Jazz Scholarship - $1,000

The current awards include:

1. John LaPorta Educator of the Year Award (sponsored/presented by the Berklee College of Music)
2. President's Service Award
3. LeJENds of Jazz Education Award
4. LeJENds of Latin Jazz Award
5. Meade Legacy Griot Award (sponsored/presented by the African American Jazz Caucus)



Note: The review committees for each conference application category are subject to change each year with assignment to the various committees based on availability and need related to the type of submissions received. The individual names of the members of JEN review committees are not published to maintain their anonymity.