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Jazz Education Network

Third Annual Conference

Developing Tomorrow's Jazz Audiences Today!

January 4th - 7th,  2012

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Announcing the 2012 Performer & Clinician list!

The following list of clinicians and clinic titles, pro performers, school and community ensembles, and soloists have been invited to appear at the upcoming 2012 Third Annual Conference in Louisville, KY.  We are proud to present to you another exciting lineup for the 2012 event!  

As artists begin to accept their invitation to appear over the next few weeks, bios, photos, and descriptions for each of the performers and clinicians will be linked for your review as they become available to us and as time allows. Check back often to stay informed!

The complete schedule for the conference will be finalized and posted as soon as possible but no later than October 1st. We look forward to seeing you in Louisville for yet another Outstanding Conference!  

In the meantime, you should know the conference begins with a Louisville Focus evening concert from 8pm-11pm on Wednesday, January 4th that you will not want to miss! We have an exciting lineup followed by the now-famed JEN Network Hang in the Conservatory area of the hotel. For those that prefer more formal late night concerts, we have added an 11:30pm concert each evening by some outstanding pro groups for your enjoyment, along with the student jam sessions beginning on Thursday night. This year's event features over 90 concerts on five stages, 60 clinics in four rooms, plus the TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators) Concurrent Conference, offering four rooms of technology-based clinics and sessions, and the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus Jazz Arts Initiative Research Track, all running simultaneously to bring to you 3.5 glorious days in celebration of jazz and jazz education!

Due to scheduling issues that may arise, clinicians and performers are subject to change. The Jazz Education Network reserves the right to make program changes as necessary in that regard. For information related to how artists are accepted to perform and or present a clinic click here: Performance/Clinic Timeline & Process


Keynote Guest Speaker: Alan Brown, Jazz Audience Research Leader

Festival Clinic Room Participants 

Festival Clinic Room participants perform a 30 minute set and receive a 30 minute clinic by a known jazz artist. 

School/Community Ensemble Performances:

Professional Ensembles & Soloists Performances:

(Note: Alphabetized by Last Name of the leader OR Name of Ensemble as appropriate to preferred listing)

JEN Clinics & Panel Discussions:

TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators) Conference Clinicians & Panelists:

(To Be Selected From - Alphabetized by Presenting Clinician's Last Name)

  • Ariel Alexander - Teaching Jazz with Garageband
  • Steve Bartkoski – Studio Quality Recording On the Go. . .Really?
  • Stuart Dailey - Music Connects to Academic Achievement
  • Rick Dammers and Denis DiBlasio - Jazz Tech: Using Technology to Support Improvisation
  • Kelly Demoline - Jazz Chords & Scales: Software for Listening & Understanding Musition & Auralia Hands-On: Integrating Theory & Ear Training Software Into Your Jazz Program
  • Matthew Etherington - Facebook: Inside (and Outside) your Classroom
  • Barbara Freedman - FREE Technology for Musicians and Music Educators; iPads in Music Education
  • Jeff Gorham - Copyright Pit-falls: How to License Works Properly
  • Daniel Gregerman and Michael Miles - Jazz/Cultural Exchange Concerts via Skype
  • Jonathan Gunnell - Teaching With Max/MSP
  • Matt Harder - “The Electronic Music Ensemble: The ‘What’, the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’” “Logic Pro Software Instruments: Synthesis, Sampling, and the Sea of Terminology”
  • David Hawley - SmartMusic 2012 in Your Music Program SmartMusic 2012: The Complete Jazz Practice Solution
  • Thomas Heflin - Bringing Jazz History to Life Through Multimedia Presentations
  • Hans L. Jakobsen and Quentin Nicollet - Music Technology at the service of Jazz tuition: EarMaster 6
  • Nick Jaworski - Teaching Music Through Technology (And Not the Other Way Around)
  • Kuzmich Jr, John - The Music Technologhy Magic of Digital Play-Along Recordings
  • Tom Johnson - Finale 101 for Jazz & Finale 2012 for Jazz
  • Robert Keller - Improving Improvisational Skills Using Impro-Visor (Improvisation Advisor)
  • Keith Mason, Mark Lochstampfor and Rick Schmunk - Music Technology as an Applied Creative ToolManzo, V.J. Creating Custom Software for Composition, Performance, and Instruction Easily with Max/MSP
  • Richard McCready - Making Music with GarageBand and Mixcraft
  • Kelly McKinley - Teaching Music in the 21st Century: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Motivate Students to Practice
  • MIDI/USB All Stars performance
  • Joseph Pisano - iPad/iPhone Applications For Performing Musicians -an iDevice ENABLED session. Twitter and PR for your BAND (or any other music group)
  • Bret Primack - How Musicians Can Utilize Web Video to Reach A Global Audience
  • William Purse - "In The Loop"
  • Floyd Richmond - Distance Learning for Music Educator
  • Floyd Richmond and Mark Lochstampfor - Audio Mixing Basics 101 & Audio Mixing Basics 102
  • Andrew Surmani - Music Theory Made Easy! EMT 3.0 Education Technology
  • Richard Sussman - Teaching Jazz Composition and Arranging In The Digital Age; Creating a Music Technology Curriculum Within a Jazz Education Program
  • Andrew Zweibel - Social Networking for Music Educators: The 4 "C's" of Social Networking   

Jazz Arts Group/Jazz Audience Initiative Presenters, Panelists, Clinicians, and Facilitators


  • A Conversation with APAP: Alan Brown, Facilitator


  • Miles Español - New Sketches of Spain: The Record as Narrative: Eli Cane, facilitator


  • Adult Jazz Education Classes: New Pathways to Expanding Audience Tastes: Henry Ettman
  • The Boise Jazz Society and the Gene Harris Jazz Festival : A Tale of Two Presenters: Mike Samball
  • Creating Tomorrow’s Jazz Audiences Today through the Development, Implementation, & Evaluation of a Vocal Jazz Ensemble Curriculum: Conni Ironmonger-Mann
  • Developing Tomorrow's Audiences Through Community-Based Jazz Education: Susan Helfter
  • The Expressive Performer and the Engaged Listener: Creating Connection in an Invented World: Christopher White
  • The Marketing of Jazz and Improvised Music since 2000 - A Literature Review: Dan DiPiero
  • Rebuilding the Base: Rebuilding the Social Capital for Jazz: John Morgan


  • The Best of the Savory Collection - A Rare Peek: Loren Schoenberg


  • Engage Now! More Fans, More Tickets and More Money: Christy Farnbauch, facilitator
  • Engaging Audiences Through Theme-based Concerts : Bob Breithaupt & Byron Stripling facilitators
  • Building Young Audiences - JAG Jazz Academy: Carol Argiro:, facilitator


  • The Audience Wants Me to do What?" Eric Paton, Monika Herzig, Byron Stripling, John Clayton, panelists
  • Reminiscing in Tempo - NEA Jazz Masters: Willard Jenkins, facilitator
  • Venue is Key to Regenerating the Jazz Audience: Alan Brown, Faciltator
  • What's New in Jazz Camps?? - Reaching New Audiences Through Innovation and Outreach: Judy Humenick, facilitator 

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