March 4, 2019

The All-State Hustle

THE ALL-STATE HUSTLE by Todd Stoll DISCLAIMER: I am not against new music. I am in favor of new music, and believe jazz has contemporary relevance in modern society. I am not against new music. But, it’s state conference season, so let’s take some time to discuss our all state jazz bands. After you read […]

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February 5, 2019


OUR CONFERENCE, OUR COMMUNITY by Todd Stoll Our Conference, Our Community I write this as I reflect back on the 10th annual JEN conference that recently took place in Reno, Nevada. I am so excited to participate this year as President as we move JEN into its next decade. So many important milestones have been […]

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December 3, 2018


TEACHING MUSIC IN THE 21st CENTURY by Todd Stoll Three years ago, I wrote a piece that was picked up by Time magazine, it was meant to celebrate the passing of the ESSA Act and encourage music educators to reach deeper into the subject that we love. It is reprinted here as a reminder that […]

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November 6, 2018

Is Jazz Boring?

“Is Jazz Boring?” by Todd Stoll Is jazz boring? I don’t mean that it IS…but, I find myself many times puzzled by my own reaction to some of the incredible music I hear on a regular basis. Of course, I may be accused of being a “you kids get off my lawn…” jazz critic.  I […]

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October 5, 2018

Thoughts On Education

“Thoughts On Education” by Todd Stoll Some thoughts on jazz education… By one publishing professional’s count, there were nearly 1,000 method books, solo transcriptions, and play alongs available on the subject of improvisation, the great secret as one might say, to “jazz”. And since the beginning of the “Second Wave” jazz education movement (roughly 1965-1995) […]

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