Jazz Audience Development Committee


Committee meeting at the 6th annual JEN Conference on Friday, January 9 at 9 AM.

Interested in joining the committee and/or being part of the discussion about jazz audiences? Email committee chair Robert Breithaupt at rbreitha@capital.edu (be sure to mention which of the three areas below best fit your interest and expertise).

Dear jazz community,

JEN lists “developing new audiences” for jazz as one of the key components of our organizational mission.  Currently we are striving to do this by providing data collected from research activity from across the sector for the benefit of our members and for those who we hope will perform, promote and consume the music. 
Over time, JEN intends to become the primary clearinghouse for information on jazz audiences, and we have begun with housing the seminal Jazz Audience Initiative (JAI) data, found on this site.  Additional materials will be added, either though publishing full reports or providing links to other sites that store the data or other pertinent information. To assist in this effort, JEN has established the Jazz Audiences Committee, which will function as a forum for those interested in this information.
The Jazz Audience Committee will be comprised of three focus areas:
1. Artists – Active performers or those who wish to become active performers, who desire a forum to share thoughts regarding best practices in developing audiences, themes, ideas, or any other resources to best promote the music.  Artists are encouraged to use the research from the Jazz Audience Initiative (JAI) research, housed on the JEN web site to assist in making decisions or to create dialog with others.  Other information will follow to provide additional insight.
2. Presenters/Venues/Managers/Media/Journalists – Those individuals who are charged with helping to promote a jazz artist or group, either in terms of presenting, recording, reporting about/broadcasting or representation.  Participants could be from major jazz venues or festivals, artist representatives, or presenters who may only present jazz on an occasional basis, such as a small community concert series or a house concert setting.  Using formal research as well as online forums, sessions at the JEN Conference and other resources, the JEN Jazz Audience Committee will help to provide insight related to audience trends and artist offerings.
3. Consumer/Audience - The Jazz Audience Committee will attempt to represent the “ecosystem” of jazz through inviting those that primarily consume the music to offer their insight about what they want to hear and see.  Research has shown that artists and their audiences are often disconnected; the listener may respond or relate to things that are unknown or not considered.  The Jazz Audience Committee hopes to provide a voice for the consumer, with the goal to offer the artist and presenter a lens to those who buy tickets, recordings and support the music.
JEN encourages all interested parties to become involved.  At the 2015 Conference, this effort will become clear and our initiative more targeted going forward. Our website will serve as a conduit for information and conversation and future publications and conferences as a meeting place for those who can share information.  Our initial meetings will be in conjunction with the JEN Research Committee, but we are planning a dedicated Jazz Audience meeting on Friday, January 9 at 9 AM. Future plans include separate meetings and projects at subsequent JEN conferences.
This is a work in progress, and a daunting task that will serve the music and the artist well when we succeed.  
Robert Breithaupt
Professor of Music - Capital University
President, RBMusic, Inc.

The goal of this committee is to focus on developing jazz audiences.

Read about the Jazz Audiences Initiative research.

Chair: Robert Breithaupt
Members: Monika Herzig, Shelley Yoelin