Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some JEN questions

To complete your membership or conference registration by using a Purchase Order, please select the Purchase Order payment option during the check out process on the JEN website.  You will receive an invoice via the email system to the address you used to make the purchase upon clicking Submit. Your membership will become active once payment is received in full by the JEN membership manager.

Yes you can! We have launched our 12-17 category as of February 18, 2010. After becoming a member of JEN in this category, your son or daughter would be able to attend the conference at a SPECIAL Student Registration rate if accompanied by a chaperone over 18 (documentation required). Please visit Conference Central for details related to the Student Rate for Registration.

Checks should be mailed to the:
Jazz Education Network
Attn: Larry Green/JEN Office Mgr.
2320 N Lakeland Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202

If your credit card is being declined, it is generally due to an AVS mismatch between the information on file at your bank and the information you have entered in the billing information area.  Billing information must match the information on file with the bank that issued your credit card exactly in order to be accepted. If your credit card is declined by the bank that issued the card, we are not able to override the decision to decline your card.

You may use Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover Card.
However, please be certain the information in the billing area of your order matches the information on file with the bank that issued your card. This information must match exactly or your bank will decline the use of the card resulting in an AVS mismatch.

To renew your membership please log in first with your most current user name and password (you will be able to log in even if your membership has expired). Click on the RENEW button and select the appropriate membership level from the Membership page. After adding the Membership item to your cart you may go to Checkout and purchase your renewed membership.  

After logging into the JEN website you will see your membership expiration date in the upper right corner under RENEW. 

If your membership has lapsed you can still log into the JEN site and RENEW your membership. 

It is highly recommended that you purchase another year's membership prior to the date your current membership expires to avoid the inability to log into the account.

A complete list of clinicians and performers is posted under Conference Central on the main menu. Estimated date of posting for a given year is September of the year preceding the conference.

JEN members can send networthy news items directly to Marina Terteryan, JEN Marketing/Communications Coordinator at:
DO include pictures of your event if you have them. High Res best for print in the magazine.