Copyright 101 for Music Educators

  Join JEN Member and  entertainment, copyright, trademark, and business attorney L. Kevin Levine for an informative webinar on the basics of copyright law for music educators. Kevin covers: Definitions of copyright The “Bundle of Rights” What is “Fair Use” and what does it cover? Plus a Q & A with the Facebook Live Audience.

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Fostering A Culturally Responsive Classroom

CLICK HERE TO LOGIN & WATCH Following up on concepts presented in previous JEN webinars “Jazz As A Force for Racial Understanding, Healing, & Justice” Parts 1 and 2, this session centers around the classroom, exploring what culturally responsive teaching can look like and how to integrate culturally responsive teaching in your classroom during COVID-19. […]

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Jazz Ed, Race, & Justice Pt. 2

Join distinguished panelists Sean Jones, Lonnie Davis, Pharez Whitted, Jason Moran, and Gary Bartz as they continue the conversation about using the true roots of jazz in education to bring about racial understanding, healing, & justice and answer the burning question – is this just a moment, or a movement? Plus a Q & A with the Facebook Live […]

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Rehearsing Vocal Ens. After COVID-19

Join vocal music educators John Stafford, Andrew Dahan, Christine Guter, Jennifer Barnes, & Dan Gregerman for a panel discussion about how COVID-19 has altered the landscape of vocal music education. The panel discusses the specific issues facing vocal directors and their ensembles due to COVID-19, including: Rehearsal guidelines for vocal ensembles COVID-19 Protocols Strategies & […]

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Jazz Ed, Race, & Justice Pt. 1

 Jazz Education as a Force for Racial Understanding, Healing, & Justice Recommended Reading List Join JEN officers Todd Stoll (President), Sean Jones (President-elect), and Lonnie Davis (Secretary) as they discuss how jazz educators can be leading voices for racial equity within their schools and local communities. Plus a Q & A with the Facebook […]

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