Natural Harmonization (Part I)

Natural Harmonization (Part I) Harmonizing a Melody in a Natural Way by Dr. Sócrates García A question I get frequently asked at my clinics is “I created a great melody, how can I come up with chords for it?” The fact that there are many ways to harmonize a melody depending on the style of […]

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Effective Vocal Improvisation

Drafting a Roadmap to Effective Vocal Improvisation By Justin Binek In a previous article for the JEN e-newsletter (published in February 2017), I briefly discussed improvisational teaching strategies that I have used with singers at the collegiate level, focusing on some tools that I use to help students lock down the form of the tune […]

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Listening 101

Jazz Listening 101: A Primer For Students Of Exemplary Songs Of the Genre by Dr. David Fodor I was recently asked by a friend for a good online jazz listening resource that covered a broad range of history of the music and featured its best exemplars.  I jumped at the chance to create such a […]

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No Resources? No Problem!

No Resources?  No Problem!  Starting A Free, After-School Music Education Program In Your Community by Arturo Riera There is an after-school youth performance ensemble that has no school, staff, or Board, is not a 501(c)(3) organization, yet has been free to all musicians for the last 16 years. There is no audition, and the ensemble […]

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How to Get the Most out of Summer Jazz Camp

How to Get the Most out of Summer Jazz Camp By Ernie Rideout Summer camps can help supercharge your passion for music. When you spend time attending a summer camp, you can improve your tone, technique, master new styles, and acquire new skills and repertoire. You can hear things that you never thought were possible […]

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