Standing Committees

Photo by Cherie Hansson

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall have and exercise all of the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of JEN during the intervals between regular meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee shall not relieve the Board of Directors, or any member thereof, of any responsibility imposed by law upon it, him, or her. The President of JEN shall be the chairman of the Executive Committee and shall call regular meetings of the Executive Committee.

Todd Stoll, President and Chair
Sean Jones, President-Elect
Bob Breithaupt, Vice President
Caleb Chapman, Immediate Past President
Tim Fellow, Treasurer
Lonnie Davis, Secretary


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops the annual budget for JEN and makes sure that JEN remains on budget. It also makes recommendations on fiscal issues to the JEN Board and makes sure JEN operates according the the Financial Prodcedures developed by the committee.

Tim Fellow, Treasurer and Chair
Caleb Chapman
Todd Stoll
Treb Winegar
Dustin Rohrer
Dr. Lou Fischer, Ex Officio
Sharon Burch, Ex Officio

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee reviews nominations from JEN members for the open board seats and then presents a Board Member Nomination Slate to the board for a “yes” or “no” vote each year.  The Nominating Committee also reviews nominations from the JEN Board for open officer seats and then presents an Officer Nomination Slate to the Board for a “yes” or “no” vote each year.

Sean Jones, President-Elect/Chair
Todd Stoll, President
​Mary Jo Papich, Past President/Co-Founder
Caleb Chapman, Immediate Past President
Diane Chandler-Marshal, Director

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for overseeing the hiring and firing of any employees and independent contractors hired by JEN.  The committee is responsible for securing employment and independent contractor agreements for the legal protection of JEN.

Mary Jo Papich, Chair
Caleb Chapman
Todd Stoll
Lonnie Davis
Doug DuBoff
Sharon Burch, Ex Officio


Audit Committee

Bob Breithaupt, Chair

Treb Winegar
Diane Chandler-Marshall

Advisory Council of Past Presidents

  1. Mary Jo Papich (2008-2010)
  2. Dr. Lou Fischer (2010-2012)
  3. Andrew Surmani (2012-2014)
  4. Bob Sinicrope (2014-2016)
  5. Caleb Chapman (2016-2018)

Special Committees

Special committees are set up by the Board of Directors for various JEN functions, activities, and opportunities. Should you be interested in serving on one of these committees, please contact the committee chair to inquire about your participation. Committee members must be approved by the committee chair and JEN President.


The Education Committee works to advance jazz education at all instructional levels by understanding the jazz education needs of educators and working together to meet those needs with viable resources that inspire, enable, and empower teachers in jazz education, creating a community that spans the globe.

Daniel Gregerman, Chair

Sub-Committee Chairs
Early Childhood: Louise Rogers
K-8 General Music & Vocal Jazz: Natalie Wilson
HS Vocal Jazz: Mike Molloy
Collegiate Vocal Jazz: Rosana Eckert
MS Instrumental: Roosevelt Griffin
HS Instrumental Jazz: Nic Meyer
Strings & Global Jazz: Tino D’Agostino
Collegiate Instrumental Jazz: Chris Madsen & Ellen Rowe
Internet Jazz Education: Jesse Nolan
Past Committee Chairs:  Mary Jo Papich, Darla Hanley, Sharon Burch


The Development Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization’s overall fundraising and development efforts and cultivate long-term relationships for the stability and future of building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences.

Treb Winegar, Chair

Dr. Lou Fischer
Dan Flores
Rick Kessel
Mary Jo Papich
Terri Pontremoli
Michael Shirtz
Todd Stoll
Tim Fellow, board liaison
Sharon Burch, ex-officio

Past Committee Chairs: Michael Shirtz

Audience Development Committee

The goal of this committee is to focus on developing jazz audiences.

Phil Dunlap, Chair
Director of Education and Community Engagement, Jazz St. Louis


Sara Andrew Wilson, committee co-chair
Aaron Bisman, Director of Audience Development, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Dr. Henry Ettman, Retired Social Psychologist, Drummer, Researcher
Zach Compston, Director of Education and Community Engagement, Jazz Arts Group
Laura Gentry, President, Jazz Alive
Lonnie Davis, Founder/Executive Director, Jazz Arts Initiative/Board Liaison
Diane Chandler Marshall, Board Liaison
Scott Hall

Dear jazz community,

JEN lists “developing new audiences” for jazz as one of the key components of our organizational mission.  Currently we are striving to do this by providing data collected from research activity from across the sector for the benefit of our members and for those who we hope will perform, promote and consume the music.

Over time, JEN intends to become the primary clearinghouse for information on jazz audiences, and we have begun with housing the seminal Jazz Audience Initiative (JAI) data, found on this site.  Additional materials will be added, either though publishing full reports or providing links to other sites that store the data or other pertinent information. To assist in this effort, JEN has established the Jazz Audiences Committee, which will function as a forum for those interested in this information.
The Jazz Audience Committee will be comprised of three focus areas:
1. Artists – Active performers or those who wish to become active performers, who desire a forum to share thoughts regarding best practices in developing audiences, themes, ideas, or any other resources to best promote the music.  Artists are encouraged to use the research from the Jazz Audience Initiative (JAI) research, housed on the JEN web site to assist in making decisions or to create dialog with others.  Other information will follow to provide additional insight.
2. Presenters/Venues/Managers/Media/Journalists – Those individuals who are charged with helping to promote a jazz artist or group, either in terms of presenting, recording, reporting about/broadcasting or representation.  Participants could be from major jazz venues or festivals, artist representatives, or presenters who may only present jazz on an occasional basis, such as a small community concert series or a house concert setting.  Using formal research as well as online forums, sessions at the JEN Conference and other resources, the JEN Jazz Audience Committee will help to provide insight related to audience trends and artist offerings.
3. Consumer/Audience – The Jazz Audience Committee will attempt to represent the “ecosystem” of jazz through inviting those that primarily consume the music to offer their insight about what they want to hear and see.  Research has shown that artists and their audiences are often disconnected; the listener may respond or relate to things that are unknown or not considered.  The Jazz Audience Committee hopes to provide a voice for the consumer, with the goal to offer the artist and presenter a lens to those who buy tickets, recordings and support the music.
JEN encourages all interested parties to become involved.  At the 2015 Conference, this effort will become clear and our initiative more targeted going forward. Our website will serve as a conduit for information and conversation and future publications and conferences as a meeting place for those who can share information.  Our initial meetings will be in conjunction with the JEN Research Committee, but we are planning a dedicated Jazz Audience meeting on Friday, January 9 at 9 AM. Future plans include separate meetings and projects at subsequent JEN conferences.
This is a work in progress, and a daunting task that will serve the music and the artist well when we succeed.

Robert Breithaupt

Professor of Music – Capital University
President, RBMusic, Inc.

Jazz Industry & Music Business

I. Purpose Statement

The purpose of the JEN Music Business Committee is to provide resources and
disseminate information to JEN members concerning business and legal aspects of the
music industry that support jazz as a commercial enterprise through workshops, research,
and discussion forums at the JEN annual conference and through other communication

II. Objectives

1. Facilitate an understanding of the music business and its terminologies, and an
understanding of broader music industry issues that may affect jazz artistry, e.g., changes
in intellectual property law, business, and public policy.

2. Generate dialogue about such issues and help JEN members stay abreast of current
developments — e.g., keeping on eye on current issues like a) music piracy, b) hot topics
in litigation; c) the relationship between history & societal perceptions of jazz/artists as
these relate to revenue potential in the genre.

3. Assist JEN members in understanding the importance of attention to business issues, as
well as serve as a resource for doing so, possibly through providing business services, for

  • Workshops on how to establish an advisory team — identifying an agent, manager, public relations consultant, attorney, accountant, etc.
  • Workshops on understanding branding and marketing issues
  • Offering a legal clinic;
  • Seminars on entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry, including crossing over from music to other entertainment endeavors.
  • Webinars on any of the above

4. Identify business models and strategic planning for success, considering topics such as:

  • Is it better to be an independent (indie) artist or to seek collaborations with major labels, publishing companies?
  • What revenue streams — performance (live or recorded or both), merchandising, endorsement deals, etc. — work best for [a given artist]?
  • Research may be an appropriate vehicle for this objective.

5. Serve as a forum for career management and entrepreneurship, addressing topics like:

  • How to secure a record or publishing deal;
  • Are such deals integral to success?
  • How to build career longevity as an artist;
  • Transitioning to/exploring careers as a non-artist on the business side as an artist mgr, or attorney, journalist, etc.

Jay Ashby, Chair
Bob Breithaupt

JENerations Jazz Festival

The goal of this committee is to develop a festival component during to present during the Annual Conference. A pilot stage was launched 2012 with potential for growth in future years, including the addition of an Honors Ensemble program to be inclusive of all levels.

Scott Wilson, Chair 

Rob Klevan, JJF Festival Coordinator
Brian Horner
Del Lyren, Secretary and Asst. Festival Director
Jennifer Madsen, Education Director
Ray Smith
Willie Morris
Christopher Parker
Caleb Chapman, Board Liaison

Outreach/JAZZ2U Grants

The charge of this committee is to coordinate outreach into local underprivileged schools in the cities where JEN is presenting its conference.  The committee is also currently developing a plan to do outreach on a ongoing basis in areas throughout the world.

Mary Jo Papich, Chair
Mike Vax, Co-Chair/JAZZ2U Panel
Diane Chandler Marshall, JAZZ2U Panel
Jerry Tolson
Diane Downs
Holly Wallace
Judy Shafer
Jarrard Harris
Sonya Robinson
Allan Molnar


The committee is a standing committee that helps coordinate the research track for the annual conference and is dedicated to growing the body of research in jazz education.

Monika Herzig, Chair
Harry Price, Kennesaw State University
John Hasse, ret. Smithsonian Institution
Tony Garcia, Virginia Commonwealth University
Martin Norgaard, Georgia State University
Andrew Berish, University of South Florida
Keller Coker, Dean-New School New York
John Murphy, University of North Texas
Kevin Watson, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada
Russ Spiegel
Michael Kahr, Jan Research Institut, Graz
Bob Breithaupt, Board Liaison

Scholarships & Awards

This committee is responsible for overseeing develop of criteria related to all awards and scholarships. This committee coordinates the creation of JEN Clinician & Performer Certificates and JEN Scholarships prior to/at the conference in tandem with the Conference Coordinator. The chair work closely with the scheduler to decide when and where scholarships are awarded.

The current scholarships include:

1. David Baker Scholarship (sponsored by Jamey Aebersold) – $3,000
3. Dr. Lou Fischer JEN Co-Founder Scholarship – $1,000
4. Hal Leonard Collegiate Scholarship – $1,000
5. Mary Jo Papich JEN Co-Founder Women in Jazz Scholarship – $1,000

The current awards include:

1. John LaPorta Educator of the Year Award (sponsored/presented by the Berklee College of Music)
2. President’s Service Award
3. LeJENds of Jazz Education Award
4. LeJENds of Latin Jazz Award
5. Meade Legacy Griot Award (sponsored/presented by the African American Jazz Caucus)

Bob Sinicrope, Chair
Lida Baker
Bob Breithaupt, Board Liaison
J.B. Dyas
David Fodor
Daniel Gregerman
Christine Guter
Darla Hanley
Monika Herzig
Mary Jo Papich
Trineice Robinson-Martin

Past Chairs: Daniel Gregerman


JEN Affiliates

The JEN Affiliates Sub-Committee seeks to align organizations and initiatives that reflect the goals and mission of JEN through collaborative projects and efforts.

Bob Breithaupt
Mary Jo Papich

Women in Jazz

The mission of Women in Jazz is to increase the involvement of female jazz instrumentalists and retain them at all educational and professional levels by encouraging collaborations with, and supporting initiatives and networking opportunities among educational organizations and public institutions. Furthermore, Women in Jazz advocates for equal job opportunities in all areas of jazz performance and teaching.

Natalie Boeyink, Chair
Monika Herzig
Mary Jo Papich
Sherrie Maricle
Janis Stockhouse
Roxanne Stevenson
Grace Kelly
JB Dyas
Ashley Shabankareh

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will access and analyze the current demographic of the JEN membership and JEN conference attendees.

Ashley Shabankareh, Chair


Young Composer Showcase

David Fodor, Chair

Andrew Bishop, Adjudicator
John Clayton, Mentor
Gabe Evans, Mentor
Paul Ferguson, Adjudicator
Gordon Foote, Adjudicator
Michael Kocour, Adjudicator
John LaBarbara, Mentor
Jeffrey Libman, Adjudicator
Ryan Middagh, Adjudicator & Mentor
Ellen Rowe, Adjudicator & Mentor
Gregory Yasinitsky, Adjudicator & Mentor/Board Liaison