2017 Conference Exhibitor Information/FAQ


JEN invites you to be an exhibitor at the 8th Annual Conference to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX, USA, January 3rd-6th, 2018. Information on becoming a JEN conference exhibitor is below.

Please Note:

  • Current Membership in JEN is required to reserve space and exhibit at the conference.
  • Membership at the appropriate level related to your business identification is recommended:
    • Corporate Membership for corporations
    • Institution Membership for schools, museums, etc
    • Network Affiliate membership for member groups, societies, school ensembles
    • Individual membership for individuals (age 18+)

Click here to download/preview: 

2017 New Orleans, LA Confirmed Exhibitors

We know that our conference attendees consider exhibits to be one of the most important parts of the event. The JEN conference will be a great opportunity to showcase YOUR products and build positive and lasting relationships with some of the nation’s leading jazz educators and performers.

  • A “focus group” environment in which to display product for customer response.
  • Terrific sessions and activities allowing exhibitors to interact with attendees and discuss issues of importance to the jazz community.
  • Click here to review 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities at the Conference!



  • 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. / Exhibitor Load-in and Setup
  • 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. / Exhibits Open
  • 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. / Exclusive "Exhibitors Welcome" for all conference attendees in the exhibit hall. (Cash Bar)


  • 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. / Exhibit Hours 
  • Dedicated Exhibitor Hours are:
    • 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.  (Meet the Artists/VIPs!)
    • 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


  • 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. / Exhibit Hours
  • Dedicated Exhibit Hours are:
    • 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 noon (Meet the Artists/VIPs!)
    • 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m./ Exhibitor Dismantle


Larry Green
Jazz Education Network Office Manager/Exhibit Coordinator


Two types of exhibit options are available, booths and table top displays.  Both space types are explained in detail below. When selecting your space type and zone, please pay particular attention to the restrictions pertaining to the use of audio gear and instrument demonstration in the three zones.

Table Top Displays: 

  • Table top display areas are restricted to JEN Network Affiliate Groups, Institution Partners, School Festival Partners, smaller corporate business partners, and/or Individual Members of JEN (Age 18+)
  • Each tabletop includes a 6’ skirted table, two chairs, a wastebasket, a 7"x 44" exhibitor I.D. sign, and 1 registration badge
  • Tabletops are limited and will be assigned by JEN in accordance with the guidelines as below for zone selection
  • All areas are carpeted
  • Electricity is not included in the exhibit hall fee
  • Internet is not included in the exhibit hall fee
  • Cost: $250 per tabletop
  • Payment in full must be received prior to the assignment of space

Exhibit Booths:

  • Located in all zones of the Exhibit Hall 
  • Open to all exhibit eligible membership levels of JEN
  • Booths are 10’x10’ with an 8’ backdrop and 3’ side dividers
  • Includes one skirted 6’ table, two chairs, a 7"x 44" exhibitor I.D. sign, a wastebasket, and two registration badges
  • Booths will be assigned by JEN in accordance with the guidelines as below for zone selection
  • All areas are carpeted
  • Electricity is not included in the exhibit hall fee
  • Internet is not included in the exhibit hall fee
  • Cost: $650 per booth
  • Payment in full must be received prior to the assignment of space


Exhibitors may choose from one of three zones as follows: A (Quiet), B (Semi-quiet), or C (Noisy). (NOTE: Zones A & B are SOLD OUT as of 12-1-16) After choosing the zone, JEN will then assign the booth location based on the following criteria: (1) Sponsor/Donor, (2) Years of exhibiting at JEN, (3) Founding members, (4) Charter members, and (5) new exhibitors subject to availability at the time your order is completed.

  • Zone A is a low sound area. This area is open to any level of JEN membership. Instruments may not be demonstrated in this area. Audio systems without headphones are restricted from being used.
  • Zone B is a medium sound area. Booths utilizing computer playback and/or small audio systems are allowed in this area. The demonstration of instruments is restricted in this area except for electronic keyboards with headsets and unamplified strings. Sound systems may not be used in this area.
  • Zone C is a high sound area and is an ideal location for JEN partners/manufacturers to demonstrate product. This area is not a restricted area in terms of audio systems, sound systems, or the demonstration of instruments. However, we respectfully ask that all exhibitors keep in mind this is a shared space and constant generation of sound from one source and/or excessive noise will not be tolerated. Please be considerate of your neighbor. Extremely loud individual players, group jamming and/or overly loud drum set/percussion workouts will be curtailed. 
  • Click at the bottom of THIS page to download the 2018 ZONE Exhibit Floor Plan

Space Assignment:

After choosing the zone, completing the Exhibitor Information Form, and completing the purchase of your exhibit space, JEN will then assign the booth location based on the following membership criteria:

  • Sponsor/Donor
  • Years of exhibiting at JEN
  • Founding members
  • Charter members
  • New Exhibitors


  • Submit a completed Exhibitor Information Form online. 
  • Click here to complete the EXHIBITOR INFORMATION FORM

  • Deadline for guaranteed inclusion in the Program Book or Guidebook is October 15th
  • Exhibitor Information Forms received after the deadline may or may not be included in the program
  • Membership in JEN (at specific levels as detailed above) is a requirement to purchase exhibit space and must be CURRENT PRIOR to making your booth or tabletop purchase and must be current at the time of the conference
  • Options to purchase Exhibit Space types are located on the Confirmation Screen after completing and clicking SUBMIT for the Exhibitor Information Form
    • Purchase by credit card, check, or purchase order
    • 50% payment options are available to you for booth purchases only, as a courtesy (through August 15th).
      • NOTE: Full/completed payment is required to be assigned specific exhibit space location for the event
      • Tabletop reservations require full payment - $250
      • 10' x 10' exhibit booth FULL payment - $650
  • Prior to completing your selection, please read and familiarize yourself with information on this page.
  • Click at the bottom of THIS page to download the 2017 Zone Floor Plan


  • Booth purchases are alloted two registration badges per booth space
  • Tabletop purchases are allotted one registration badge per tabletop space
  • After November 1st you will be contacted by the Exhibit Coordinator and receive a link which will enable you to submit your badge information
  • Badge Information is due no later than December 15th to be Pre-Registered, otherwise your personnel will need to stand in lines and wait for badges to be prepared
  • Two Additional Badges per booth may be purchased beyond the allotted amount for $50 each
  • One Additional Badge per tabletop may be purchased beyond the allotted amount for $50
  • Additional Exhibitor's beyond the allotments are charged Full Registration for the conference
  • An exhibitor’s packet will be emailed directly from Freeman Decorating Service, the Official JEN Decorating Service Provider
  • It is highly recommended Exhibitor's ship exhibit materials to Freeman for delivery to your booth space
  • Electricity is not included in the exhibit purchase price
  • Internet service is not included in the exhibit purchase price


  • CONTACT from JEN after completing your Exhibit Information Form to exhibit, will be via email from JEN@JazzEdNet.org. Please be certain your browser is set up to accept emails by entering the address into your address book.
  • FREEMAN DECORATING, the JEN SERVICE PROVIDER will be sending an exhibitor packet via email. The exhibitor packet will include details related to ancillary furniture, electrical, trash removal, and daily custodial services and require special order from Freeman decorating company. 
  • SHIPPING GUIDELINES will be detailed in the Exhibitors Packet received from Decorating Services. Exhibitors may not ship displays directly to the hotel; shipments sent to the hotel will be refused.
  • CONTRACT FOR SPACE - The purchase of exhibit space and the formal notice of assignment by JEN constitutes a contract for the right to use the space allotted. In the event of fire, strike or other uncontrollable circumstances rendering the building unfit or unavailable to use, the contract shall not be binding. 
  • CONSTRUCTION OF EXHIBITS - All exhibits must be arranged so as not to obstruct the view or interfere with other exhibits. 
  • RESTRICTIONS IN USE OF SPACE - No exhibitor shall reassign, sublet or share his or her allotted space without the knowledge and consent of the JEN exhibits manager. 
  • CIRCULATION AND SOLICITATION - Circulars or advertising matter of any description may be distributed only within the booth assigned to the exhibitor presenting such material. No exhibitor shall obtain exhibit space anywhere outside the designated exhibit area, and no firm or organization not assigned exhibit space will be permitted to solicit business within the exhibit area.
  • NOISE-MAKING EXHIBITS - Exhibits that include the operation of musical instruments or the use of audio equipment should be conducted or arranged so that the noise resulting from demonstrations will not unnecessarily disturb adjacent exhibitors and their patrons.
  • INSURANCE & SECURITY - The exhibiting firm acknowledges that JEN nor the Official Conference Hotel has any responsibility for the exhibitor’s property, and the exhibitor takes full responsibility for all risks to the property that the exhibitor brings to the exhibition. The Exhibition hall and adjacent rooms will be locked after hours and on-site security will be on duty. It is recommended that the exhibitor carry exhibit insurance for materials and items being displayed in the event of potential loss.
  • RESTRICTIONS IN OPERATION OF EXHIBITS - JEN reserves the right to deny an exhibit application, or restrict exhibits that, because of noise, method of operation, or any reason, become objectionable, and may also prohibit or evict any exhibit which, in the opinion of the management, detracts from the general character of the exhibit as a whole. The restriction includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or anything of a character that the management determines is objectionable to the exhibit. In the event of such restrictions, JEN nor the Official Conference Hotel are not liable for any exhibit expense of any type.
  • VENDOR CANCELLATION of EXHIBIT SPACE/REFUND POLICY - Exhibit space cancellations received 60 days or more before the conference starts will receive a full refund minus a 20% service charge. Exhibit space cancellations received less than 60 days before the conference starts are not eligible for a refund.


  • The 2017 JEN 8th Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA) ShowGuide Ads are handled directly through DownBeat magazine as the publisher of this year's JEN Program Book. The deadline to reserve space is November 9, 2016. 
    • For advertising rates and specs, please contact
      • Jennifer Ruban Gentile
      • Advertising Sales Manager
      • DownBeat
      • jenr@downbeat.com
      • 630-941-2030, x 114

Official Conference Housing:

The Official Conference Hotel in 2017 is the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, LA, USA. A special rate for housing JEN members participating in the Conference has been established at the official conference location. As an exhibitor you must agree to stay at the Official Conference Hotel as prompted in the Exhibitor Information Form unless you are commuting within a 100 mile radius. Please click below to book your room now!  

NOTE: The JEN block rates expires December 14th, 2016
or until rooms are no longer available in the JEN block
(whichever comes sooner)